Aims and Objectives

As an organisation ECHO has not restricted its self to fighting the issues solely within the United Kingdom. Through our many contacts in Europe and the overwhelming support of our cause from the European carp anglers, we are now far more able to tackle the problems head on.

Whilst we have strong feelings about the importation of carp into the United Kingdom, the Europeans rightly feel even more aggrieved by the fact that it is often there carp that are being stolen in the first place.

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ECHO's Aims

To educate all about the threats posed to our sport about the horrendous conditions and inevitable fatalities suffered by fish during illegal smuggling.

Educating people through an easily accessible programme about the enormous threats posed to existing populations by both regulated and unregulated fish movement.

Preserving the UK’s unique angling heritage and promoting this to your generations.

Make people aware that confiscated fish are destroyed.

Educating people about the risks associated with illegal stockings and the threat to fisheries from unidentified diseases that these fish may carry.

Increase the general publics awareness of the problems by maximising press coverage on a national level.

Eradicate the illegal movement of carp and coarse fish.

To act as a point of contact for anglers with details of illegal fish movements in the UK and to pass this information onto the relevant authorities.

Lobby government for stricter legislation on the legal importation of coarse fish.

Lobby for greater fines and sentences for those convicted of fish smuggling.

Protect carp and coarse fish welfare.

Promote the use of home grown fish to stock UK waters.

Stopping the barbaric illegal importation of carp and coarse fish into the UK.

Work with established authorities and institutions to advance the UK’s knowledge of Novel diseases that threaten our native stocks.

Protecting carp and coarse fish welfare, whether home grown or foreign, and keeping them in their country of origin.

Build strong working partnerships with all relevant authorities.

Bringing all interested organisations together to protect coarse fish stock.

Investigating the availability of grant or lottery funds.

Promoting the public image of organisations involved in regulating fish movements.

Assisting the authorities across Europe to stop the illegal movement of car.


(via the European Carp Protection Organisation (ECPO))

Helping to stamp out theft of carp from European waters.

Assist in creating a united group of European carp organisations dedicated to protecting carp welfare thoughout Europe.

Stopping the barbaric transportation of these illegal carp and coarse fish through Europe.

Lobbying Governments for tougher sentences and greater fines for those caught illegally moving fish through Europe.

Lobbying European authorities for stricter regulation concerning the legal movement of carp and coarse fish within and between European countries.

Educating people about the horrific conditions and fatalities that occur when these fish are being moved illegally.

Making people aware that confiscated fish are destroyed if being moved illegally or with incorrect paperwork.

Educating people about the risks associated with illegal stockings and the threat to fisheries from the unidentified diseases that these fish carry.

Protecting existing stocks by educating people to return fish alive when possible.

Assisting the European authorities to prevent the illegal movement, stocking and theft of carp and coarse fish throughout Europe.

Promote the stocking of legal and comprehensively health certified fish into fisheries throughout Europe.

Preserving Europe's unique angling heritage and promoting this to younger generations.