How To Cut Down Your Mobile Phone Bill

Year on year, two of the consistently increasing basic bills are the cable and the mobile phone bill. To help address this, mobile networks provide different offers and plans for different types of mobile phone users – be it through minutes, text messages, internet, and other options to help in personalizing the plans, while making the most out of the contract. As such, it is best that you review you and your family’s regular usage on a regular basis so you can modify your respective plans based on what you will make most use of. Here are some ways that you can employ to help cut down your mobile phone bill:

  • Your frequently contacted list. Several mobile networks offer free minutes or unlimited calls and messages to the contacts you usually talk to. Within the family, discuss the people that you usually call or text – it may be another family member, a relative, a close friend, or a colleague from work. By pooling these numbers together, you can save as much as 25% ot 50% of your original paid minutes and get to call them for free.


  • Personalize based on your needs. Mobile networks now offer unlimited text or unlimited call plans, depending on whether a person is text or call heavy. Understandably, children or teenagers nowadays are likely to text more than their parents. Thus, it is best to get the unlimited text plan for them, and the unlimited call plan for you and the other family members who would rather talk than type. This way, you do not need to spend for minutes that your children won’t get to use.
  • Don’t change – unless there’s a reason to. For mobile phones, that is. Most mobile contracts hold the plans and units for two years before the subscriber can change or update his or her plan. However, most networks also offer loyalty rewards for those who wish to stay in the network even after the lock out period is complete. The rewards are usually centered on rebates and free phones – so this is the best time to upgrade your mobiles, because they are free and come with no additional cost. If staying within the same plan and the same network makes sense, then this is something that you can take advantage of.


  • Maybe your boss can help as well. There are several large companies and corporations that offer programs such as employee malls, or employee commerce programs where you can also apply for mobile phone contracts at a discounted rate. Ask if your company has partnerships with mobile networks to get at least 10% to 25% on the monthly rate, or the phone that comes with it. What is also good is that most companies allow you to apply family plans, which could multiply your savings much more.

Now that tablets and smart phones are becoming a necessity other than a luxury, it is still best to first do research on what the best phone model is, what the best mobile contract plan is, and which of these work depending on your personality and usage. Mobile phone bills are one of the more painful ones to handle if we are not informed, leading us to get much less than what we are paying for.