These Phones Are Not All For Talking

According to studies, there are nine out of ten people in the UK who own a cell phone, and most of them are using it for more than just phone calls.

With the recent release of Apple’s iPhone 5c and 5s, long lines of anticipating patrons were formed outside the company’s stores, in the hopes of being the first ones to secure the new gadget. Coincidentally, a new Pew research was released and states that for every ten Americans, nine of them have phones and are using them for purposes other than phone calls alone. According to the study, the following activities are also commonly being done by users with their phone:

  • 81% use their phones to send and receive messages
  • 60% use their phones to access the internet
  • 52% use their phones to send and receive emails
  • 50% of them download apps to their phones
  • 49% use the phones for recommendations, navigation, directions, and other location-based information
  • 48% use their phones as music players
  • 21% use their phones to engage in a video call or chat


It is highly possible that age plays a big role in how owners make use of their cell phones. Millennials, as expected, have are found to have taken the fullest advantage of their phone’s features. As an example:

  • 84% of cell phone users within the range of 18-29 years old use their phones to access the internet, as compared to:
    • 72% of those from Gen X
    • 45% of baby boomers, and
    • 19% of the seniors


  • 97% of Millennials use their phones to text – sending and receiving message as compared to:
    • 35% of seniors

Another factor found to have an effect on cell phone usage is educational attainment. It was found as well that individuals who have obtained college degrees are also more likely to maximize their phone’s full potential, compared to those who obtained lesser education. Again, as an example:

  • 62% of cell phone users who graduated from college download more apps to their cell phones, as compared to:
    • 36% of those who did not get to finish high school


Another study looks into the comparison of landline and mobile phone usage, and it was found that cell phones now top landlines as the preferred method of communication. In the study, 29% of the respondents estimated that at least half of their conversations were over landline; while the bigger 36.5% confirmed that they spent less time conversing using the traditional method.

Again, age comes as a factor was it was found that the older respondents in the study were found to have a higher likelihood of spending more time using the landline. Furthermore, the study reports that among the 76% of the investors in the respondents have landlines, and almost half of them considered eliminating it at 46%.