John Wilson Barbel Quiver Fishing Rod




Forming part of the ‘Signature Series’, this has an Avon style top rated at 1.75lb with 3 push-in quivers that are rated 2oz (red), 2.5oz (yellow) and 3oz (green) – it really offers the angler a wide variety of fishing, whether that’s handling bigger, more powerful fish. It’s very adaptable indeed!
It comes supplied in a handy roll bag, which is then placed into a rigid tube for extra protection when you’re on the move.
This version has 5 pieces, with the additional tips housed in a clear tube making it easier to identif them.
Avon Style Top – rated 1.75lb
3 Push-in Quivers rated 2oz (red), 2.5oz (yellow) and 3oz (green)
Composite Blanks
Fast Action
Line Rating – 5-11lb
Packs down to 81cm.


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