Shimano Ultegra XSE 3500 Competition Fishing Reel




The Ultegra XSE COMP is a real eye-catcher, developed for long-distance surf fishing with a thin and powerful mono. Equipped with some of the best long-casting technologies from Shimano, it was designed for maximum performance with minimum effort and also convinces with a fantastic price-performance ratio
When it comes to an inexpensive long-range reel that is specially designed for thin, monofilament lines, the Ultegra XSE COMP is way ahead of the competition. Not only does this reel look stylish, it also offers superior casting distance with its ultra-flat, oversized AR-C aluminum spool and modern design. In terms of design, quality, performance and functionality, combined with a top price-performance ratio, there is no better long-range reel than the Ultegra XSE COMP.
The Ultegra XSE is hidden inside the light and torsion-resistant CI4+ body COMP an arsenal of the most advanced Shimano technologies. HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP, in combination with Infinity Drive and Silent Drive, ensure amazingly smooth running and smooth rotation. And while the internal gearing is a work of art, it’s the casting performance that will ultimately win you over. The Super Slow 5 Oscillation ensures an amazingly clean and smooth line lay, which has been proven to reduce friction and increase maximum casting distance. But the other features also make a decisive contribution to the overall performance. Rigid Cast reduces spool movement during the cast and thanks to the Parallel Body, the line flies through the starter ring at the perfect angle. And as line flies over the edge of the aluminum AR-C spool, the loops shrink to further reduce friction. The result is casting performance that is unique in this price segment.
Long-Range Tournament version of the popular Ultegra XSE
Hagane Gear for long-lasting smoothness and power
X-Ship and Infinity Drive for efficient cranking under load
Super Slow 5 oscillation for more casting distance
Ci4+ body for less weight and better torsional rigidity
RigidCast and parallel body for improved casting performance
Flat, cold-forged aluminum AR-C spool


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