John Wilson Avon Quiver Fishing Rod




This fishing rod range is a celebration of all that John stood for in fishing. Made using the highest quality blanks and components, the 2022 range of John Wilson rods are truly unique in terms of application, performance and balance, when matched with the correct size reel, line, and terminal tackle. Read more about the whole rod range in our blog.
Originally designed by Wilson to cover every situation an angler would face when fishing in both rivers and still waters, John’s design for the Quiver rods was to create a full through action blank that would handle all fish species by allowing the rod to absorb as much of the fight from larger fish, meaning fewer lost fish and the ability to fish lighter mainlines and hook lengths to enjoy the sport of angling. The 2022 Barbel Quiver Fishing Rods from the John Wilson brand are suitable for all coarse angling applications from feeder fishing for Barbel on fast-flowi


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